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Economic Crisis Not a Western Infection

Russia’s economic crisis cannot be dismissed as “an infection” brought on by the West, an INSOR expert study found. “Fundamental flaws in the structure of Russia’s economy and its underdeveloped financial system” are the most important causes of today’s “full-scale market crisis,” according to the report, which culminates three months of study and analysis by leading Russian economists.
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Press Release
Full report in English  Russian

INSOR roundtables on economic situation in Russia:
How the Financial Crisis is Impacting Russia's Regions
Fate of Single-Industry Cities Discussed at INSOR
The Economic Crisis in Russia and Proposed Anti-Crisis Measures


Managing the Social Effects of Economic Downturn

The global economic situation is affecting more than just the banking elite. As people worldwide prepare for what could be a prolonged recession, Russia is looking at ways in which it can shelter its citizens and businesses from the worst of the financial storm. Representatives of labor organizations and major employers gathered at INSOR to discuss how the government can best monitor the effects of the downturn on the general population.
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Crisis vs. Stable Social Order
Experts Discuss Impact of Crisis-Related Spending Reductions


Russian Democracy

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has worked – and at times struggled – to establish credible democratic institutions that function effectively and efficiently. The challenge lies not only in developing the appropriate political structures, but also in convincing Russians that democratic development leads to a better quality of life. INSOR presented its final report on the condition of the country’s institutions and their approaches to developing a Russian model of democracy.
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INSOR Presents Report on Development of Democracy in Russia

A Year in Review

In its first year of operation, INSOR held more than 100 expert sessions
on topics ranging from democracy building and the growth of Russia’s middle class to economic development and the environment. In its first annual report, INSOR details its accomplishments in 2008 and its plans for the future.
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Other Events


January 26

Development Strategy for the Russian Far East and the Trans-Baikal Region

A roundtable with representatives from regional governments and development agencies discussed use of resources, environmental awareness and areas
for innovation in Russia's regions.

December 17-18

Foreign Ambassadors
& Media

INSOR management met with representatives from foreign embassies and media to discuss the Institute’s mission, ongoing work and achievements over the past year.
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November 26

The School Food Industry: A Business and a Path to a Healthy Nation

A roundtable bringing together education and nutrition experts discussed the need to provide students with affordable, well-balanced school meals. Read

November 19

Association of Computer and IT Companies

INSOR hosted the General Assembly of the Association of Computer and IT Companies, which featured Presidential Advisor and former Telecoms Minister Leonid Reiman
as a keynote speaker. Read

INSOR in the News


Russia in Time of Crisis

Deutsche Welle, January 30
INSOR Chairman Igor Yurgens discussed the state of Russian democracy in an interview with Deutsche Welle.
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Medvedev Adviser Criticises Obama ‘Protectionism’

Financial Times, January 29
In an interview with the Financial Times Igor Yurgens cautioned that a new, large-scale US bailout program could have negative effects on other countries’ anti-crisis measures.
Read the full text in the Financial Times


Gas Inhales, Oil Exhales

Rossiiskaya Gazeta, January 23
In the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine gas dispute, Igor Yurgens published an article in Rossiiskaya Gazeta discussing the need to have a sensible and flexible approach to solving gas transit issues.
Read the full text in Rossiiskaya Gazeta


Youth Not Planning to Relax

Vedomosti, December 25
Vedomosti quoted INSOR board member Evgeny Gontmakher on the long-term issues facing Russia’s labor market and pension system.
Read the full text in Vedomosti

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