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Welcome to the first edition of INSOR E-News, the monthly e-newsletter of The Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR). INSOR is a think tank that works with Russia’s leading academics and experts to develop policies and recommendations important to the country’s future. Established in March 2008, the Institute has already held more than 100 expert sessions
on topics ranging from democracy building and the growth of Russia’s middle class to economic development and the environment. President Dmitry Medvedev is the Chairman of the Institute’s Board of Trustees and Igor Yurgens is the Chairman of the its Management Board. Read more

Latest News


A Union with Europe

What stands in the way of a long-term productive partnership between Russia and the EU? Igor Yurgens, on the eve of Russia-EU negotiations, explains why relations between the two powers need a new underlying philosophy, not just a new agreement.
Read the full text in Rossiyskaya Gazeta


Russia and the Global Financial Crisis

Russia is in a stronger position to deal with the global financial crisis than many western countries, and is certainly stronger than it was at the time of the 1998 default. But with a depreciating rouble, a falling stock market, and the declining price of oil and other commodities, the Russian government faces very different challenges than many of its European counterparts.
Read more:
INSOR Experts Discuss Influence of Crisis on Financial Sector
The Global Financial Crisis and its Influence on Russian Economic Development

Spearheading Innovation in Russia

Russia has a proud history of scientific and technological achievement, but this track record has not kept pace with its expanding economy. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, Russia must renew its focus on innovation, taking a leading role in industries such as information and communication technology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, energy conservation, and aerospace and transport. Read


Local Self-Government in Russia

Can Moscow efficiently organize healthcare for citizens in Vladivostok?
Are budgets administered similarly in Krasnoyarsk as in Yekaterinburg?
In a country as large and diverse as Russia, it is crucial that the various levels of government — from municipal to regional to federal — operate
in an effective and coordinated manner.
Read more:
Financial and Economic Basis for Local Self-Government
Legal Regulation of Local Self-Administration in Russia

Russian Environmental Policy

Russia is rich in natural resources but sometimes behind the curve
in conservation and environmental protection. The inefficient system
of issuing and monitoring licenses is a major obstacle in effective environmental management. Read

Other News


November 11

Church and State:
What is the Right Balance for Russia?

A roundtable with legal experts and representatives from Russia's religious communities discussed the separation
of church and state in post-Soviet society.

November 05

Russia: The Values
of a Modern Society

A roundtable with leading religious, academic, scientific and economic figures discussed Russia’s political culture and socioeconomic values. Read


October 23

Winners of the Computer Literacy Competition Get
$10,000 Each

INSOR celebrated the completion of its Computer Literacy — Year of the Family Competition, promoting computer literacy among Russian adults. Read

October 21

Information Culture and Development of Mass Communications

Part of the Intellectual Russia Global Forum,
a roundtable discussion examined the expanding use of IT and digital technology
in Russia’s educational, professional and political arenas. Read

December Events


Housing Availability & Accessibility of Housing and Mortgage Loans

The Results of the First Year of Activities of State Corporations: Outlook, Opportunities and Risks


The Middle Class
and Competition

as an International
Financial Center

INSOR in the News


Russia’s Igor Yurgens Says Oil Outlook is ‘Worrying’

Bloomberg TV, November 14
In an interview with Bloomberg TV on November 14, INSOR Chairman
Igor Yurgens cautioned against panicking about the financial situation despite the oil outlook and the weakening of the rouble.


Novocherkassk 2009

Vedomosti, November 6
INSOR board member Evgeny Gontmakher published an article in Vedomosti on November 6 discussing why Russian society needs
to modernize.
Read the full text in Vedomosti


We're Fine, says Moscow, as Trading Stops and Starts

The Observer, October 12
The Observer quoted Igor Yurgens saying that the government needs
to be more transparent in its approach to the financial crisis.
Read the full text in The Observer


Russia Looks to Mend Fences After Georgia Conflict

The Financial Times, October 7
Igor Yurgens told the Financial Times that Russia needs to reassure investors in the wake of the war with Georgia and the slowdown in economic growth.
Read the full text in the Financial Times

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