S. Kulik on Global Risks-2019

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Sergey Kulik presents and analyses the Council of Councils (CoC) Report Card on International Cooperation – 2019. INSOR is a member of the CoC –  a network of twenty seven foreign policy institutes around the world established in 2012 – and  has participated in all four annual Report Cards.  They evaluate multilateral efforts to address ten of the world’s most pressing global challenges, from countering transnational terrorism to advancing global health.
Among others the network includes Lowy Institute from Australia, Centre for European Policy Studies from Belgium,
Getulio Vargas Foundation from Brazil, Centre for International Governance Innovation from Canada, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Observer Research Foundation from India, Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, Italian Institute of International Affairs, Mexican Council on Foreign Relations, Polish Institute of International Affairs, South African Institute of International Affairs,     Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) and  International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) from the UK, Council on Foreign Relations from the USA, etc.
Respondents from the network were asked to assess the state of international cooperation in six ways:
– How did the world do overall on international cooperation in 2018?
– How did the world do, in terms of performance, over the past year in addressing each specific challenge?
– How should these challenges be ranked, in terms of their relative importance, for 2019?
– Which of these problems offers the greatest opportunity for breakthrough in 2019?
– What one reform would do the most to improve international cooperation on each issue in 2019?
– What one reform or new initiative would do the most to improve the global order in 2019?
The surveys take place in the second part of December, but the results are publicly available in May next year. In 2019 an official presentation of the Report Card was organized by the Council on Foreign Relations on May 7 in Washington, DC. The Report Card 2019 is available here.

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