INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated June 28, 2019

Building a Civil Society

A strong civil society is an essential component of a stable democratic state and competitive economy. Civil society is both a partner of the government, supporting the implementation of initiatives, and a constructive opponent, lobbying the freedoms and interests of each citizen and important society groups. The creation and development of modern social institutions that encourage civil society initiatives will promote the steady development of our country and guarantee economic and political rights of the people.  
Russian society has already gone through a painful stage of adaptation and transformation from the post-Soviet era and is now in the process of creating a modern economy and society. In the 21st century this process requires a sophisticated dialogue with the public and a concerted focus on meeting citizen demands and expectations. Such modernization necessitates an open and honest dialogue between civil society and government structures.
An active civil society will also lead to a more modern state and the development of the national model of democracy, which will ensure civil and human rights.  An effective, responsible and transparent government accountable to a civil society and the rule of law and which is committed to combating corruption can only be reached through cooperation between the state and the interested stakeholders in the civil society.
Building a platform for the establishment and strengthening of various public organizations and their constructive involvement in creating a modern state is a prerequisite for building trust between citizens and the state and guaranteeing Russia’s leadership position in the modern world.