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In the face of the China challenge

The Center for the National Interest held a webinar on United States-China relations.

Peter Berkowitz, Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff  presented the case for its paper, «The Elements of the China Challenge.» Elbridge Colby, co-author of an article in Foreign Affairs «The Ideology Delusion America’s Competition. With China Is Not About Doctrine» also took part in the discussion.

CNI described an idea of this meeting in its press release. «More than a half-century ago, George Kennan published an analysis of the sources of Soviet conduct that helped to shape US policy toward Moscow throughout the Cold War.  More recently, the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff – an organization that Kennan founded and led – published an analysis of 21st-century Chinese conduct meant to provide the underpinnings for a new American approach to contending with Beijing’s growing might. Did Kennan’s successors hit the mark on China? What is the nature of our competition with China? And what should we be  aiming for?»