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Updated January 23, 2020

Trilateral Commission Conference in Washington

April 29, 2014

INSOR Management Board Chairman of Igor Yurgens took part in the work of the annual conference of the Trilateral Commission. The meeting, organized by this authoritative international platform for research and discussion which includes leading statesmen, scholars and entrepreneurs from North America, Europe and Asia, was held April 24-27 in the US capital.

The conference was addresses by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Predictably, the Ukrainian crisis occupied a significant portion of his remarks. The exasperated tone of the remarks indicates that the Geneva agreement is failing to live up to its promise.

The viewpoints of representatives of China and India seem to indicate the in terms of global problems the Ukrainian crisis does not seem to be of great significance. Both countries speak in favor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its freedom to choice with whom to integrate. But China and, to a lesser degree, India see the starting point of the conflict in the unwillingness of the West to take into account Russia’s concerns about NATO’s approach to its borders.

Henry Kissinger spoke from a rather balanced position. His call for compromise on the issue of the constitutional structure of Ukraine and the country’s neutral status was also supported by Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The participants of the forum also shared their views on a number of the other pressing issues concern global development and international security.