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Updated January 23, 2020

Igor Yurgens Takes Part in Meeting of Working Group of Trilateral Commission

March 5, 2014

A meeting of the working group tasked with preparing a report on relations between Russia and countries of the Trilateral Commission was held in Boston March 3-4. A key organizational issue was addressed at the meeting – the inclusion in the working group of Russian public and political figures. The final decision on this proposal will be made at the meeting of the Trilateral Commission on April 25 in Washington following consultations in Moscow.

The main issue on the agenda was the finalization of the outline and substantive sections of the planned report. It will include the following sections:

- the geopolitical significance of Russia

- Russia’s foreign policy

- the economic situation in Russia

- human rights and democracy in Russia

- multilateral cooperation between countries of the Trilateral Commission and Russia

Particular attention is given to conflict areas, with Ukraine being the most acute conflict at the moment. Regardless of how this conflict plays out, the report will analyze various options for development of relations in the future.

The report will consist of four blocks: relations with Russia from the perspective of the North American group, the Asia-Pacific group and the European group, as well as the reaction of the Russian group to the aforementioned  blocks. This is the first time that such a reaction from the Russian side will be included in the report. Igor Yurgens, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Institute of Contemporary Development, has been appointed coordinator for the Russian group.

It is important to note that the level of concern over events in Ukraine is at the highest level seen since the end of the Cold War. Sanctions against Russia are actively being considered by the European Union as well as the US Senate and Congress.