Analytical Bulletin, Issue 7-8 (38-39), July-August 2015

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The Institute of Contemporary Development has published its most recent analytical bulletin. The main topics of this issue are: National Technology Initiative; EU energy strategy; situation on the world’s financial markets.
The annotation of Analytical Bulletin No.7-8 (38-39), can be found bellow. The full text of the bulletin in Russian can be found here.

Issue 7-8 (38-39)
In this issue:

I. Yurgens. “Turn to the East” — Impossible and Inevitable
In September of the current year, the Institute of Contemporary Development will present the report, dedicated to the opportunity of new positioning of the Russian Federation in the global economy. “Its main conclusion is as follows: strengthening of positions of our country in the global economy (integral and bound with the global value-added chains and institutions of international coordination) is possible only in case of equally active work on all geographical vectors” Is such approach compatible with the “turn” of Russia to the East declared at the highest level?

S. Kulik. National Technological Initiative: New Attempt under New Circumstances
In 2014, Russian leaders set a task of development of the National Technology Initiative. Relevant report was presented to the Head of the State by July 1, 2015. General review of fundamental triggers and external conditions of the “second approach” to technological modernization of the Russian economy.

S. Kulik. About the Energy Union or General Energy Policy of the EU
Analyzing recent EU strategic documents in the field of energy, domestic politicians and experts focus their assessments on the anti-Russian orientation of such initiatives, on an effort of the Europeans to speed up the process of weakening of energy dependence on Russia predicting their inevitable failure. “We need a broader look at the motives of the EU leaders” because “EU remains a major market for domestic energy and at least in the short term will remain the same”.

M. Voytenko, N. Maslennikov. Overvolatility of Financial Markets Is a New Norm?
The main outcome of summer 2015 is as follows: “regulators of the world’s leading economies faced a hard choice between supporting markets, meltdowns of which may draw the global economy into a new recession, and creation of conditions for financial stability improving sustainability and speed of global growth in the medium term”.