Analytical Bulletin, Issue 5 (48), May 2016

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The Institute of Contemporary Development has published its most recent analytical bulletin. The main topics of this issue are:global challenges of 2016; structural reforms for national economies; 13th five-year plan of the People’s Republic of China.

The annotation of Analytical Bulletin No.5 (48), can be found bellow. The full text of the bulletin in Russian can be found here.

Issue 5 (48)

In this  issue:

I. Yurgens. 13th Five-Year Plan of the People’s Republic of China.
Main tasks and focuses of the next five-year plan of development of China. Characteristics of internal and external issues, which constraint implementation of the “Chinese dream” — building of controlled affluent society.

S. Kulik. On Global Challenges of 2016
Comments on findings of new survey of the Council of Councils on  ten major global challenges “which are clearly too big to be met by national governments requiring global cooperation”.

N. Maslennikov. Structural Reforms — Trend and Challenge
“Increased attention from governments and monetary authorities in most countries of the world towards structural problems is already a clear trend in changes of regulatory frameworks” and a systematic challenge for the countries, which choose to make such changes.