Analytical Bulletin, Issue 6 (49), June 2016

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The Institute of Contemporary Development has published its most recent analytical bulletin. The main topics of this issue are:  economic consequences of Brexit referendum; informal mechanisms of global governance; globalization and value differences; perestroika years in Russian and Latvian history.
The annotation of Analytical Bulletin No.6 (49), can be found bellow. The full text of the bulletin in Russian can be found here.

Issue 6 (49)

In this issue:

S. Kulik. On Informal Mechanisms of Global Governance
On the outcome of May Summit of “The Group of Seven” in Japan. “International structures should reckon with the prospect of expansion of informal mechanisms. Especially if such structures fail more and more significantly…”

M. Voytenko, N. Maslennikov. World Economy — Life after Brexit
“… Great Britain, EU and the entire world got a big boost towards changes on June 23. New look of the world economy and policy would depend on the way we learn the “English lessons”.

S. Kulik. Values and Development at the Global Level
On the basis of the report of the Global Economic Symposium “GESolutions” which was published last month.

Perestroika as the Final of Soviet History: Looking from Moscow and from Riga
Fragments of one of the chapters of the latest book in the series “The Draft of the Future” to be published in Riga. Authors of the book, the Chairman of “Harmony” Parliamentary Group of the Saeima I. Urbanovich, the Chairman of the Union of Latvian Journalists Y. Payders and the Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Contemporary Development I. Yurgens discuss events and circumstances of the last five years of Latvian history in the Soviet Union.