Analytical Bulletin, Issue 7-8 (50-51), July-August 2016

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The Institute of Contemporary Development has published its most recent analytical bulletin. The main topics of this issue are: structural reforms for the Russian economy, safety in the Baltic Sea region, Russian people  in Latvia, global economy: trends and prospects.
The annotation of Analytical Bulletin No.7-8 (50-51), can be found bellow. The full text of the bulletin in Russian can be found here.

Issue 7-8 (50-51)

In this issue:

I. Yurgens. Change with the World: What Structural Reforms Do We Need?
A shortened version of the material for the book “A New Model of Economic Development of Russia: Concept of Formation and Realization” prepared by the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Y. Urbanovich. Latvians Must Understand that the Russian People Will Always Remain Russian People
On the current situation and political future of Russian population of the Republic of Latvia.

S. Kulik. Sweden, Finland and Security in the Baltic Region
General characteristics of new emphases of the European Union in the field of security, their representation in official documents, and measures aimed at their implementation, which are carried out by Stockholm and Helsinki.

N. Maslennikov. “New Reality” of Interdependent Uncertainty
World Economy at the End of Summer 2016: Trends and Expectations.