Roundtable Discussion “School Meals: Business and Way to Nation’s Health”

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On November 26, 2008, a roundtable discussion on “Industry of School Meals: Business and the Way to the Nation’s Health” will be held at the Institute of Contemporary Development.


The participants in the discussion will include Presidential Aide and INSOR board of trustees member A. Dvorkovich; INSOR Chairman I. Yurgens; Chief Sanitary Officer, head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko; Deputy Minister of Economic Development A. Levitskaya; Head of Social Policy Center at the Institute of Economics, the Russian Academy of Sciences, INSOR management board member E. Gontmakher, and other experts, including academicians, physicians, scientists, dietarians and nutrition experts.


The discussion will be dedicated to the problems of providing Russian children with optimal meals. The experts will discuss the current situation with school meals, consider possible perspectives for its development and ways of improving school meals.


The health of the growing generation is badly worsening. One of the main factors of this negative trend is the absence of an efficient system of school meals services in educational institutions. There are a lot of reasons for this, including lack of sufficient and common subsidies, almost full deterioration of the material and technical base and merely insipid food together with non-attractiveness of school canteens themselves for children and teenagers. Other reasons are the extremely low economic efficiency of the children meals system and, as a result, the lack of interest among business structures able to “revitalize” this industry.


The event will take place at the Institute of Contemporary Development, Moscow, Delegatskaya street, 7, building 1, and starts at 3 pm.


Accreditation by telephone: +7 916 888 6247, +7 495 6491827
e-mail:, Natalya Bobrova.